Monday, 18 January 2010

Snow has gone, Ice is going

Still stuck here below the lock. The snow got washed away by heavy rain on Friday(?) by the heavy rain. Since then the ice has been receding but it’s still pretty thick.

With the thaw, the river level did rise as I was expecting, but it hadn’t got too high by yesterday evening, only just touching the red sector of the indicator. Waking up this morning I could hear a lot more running water, which seemed to mainly be behind the hedge in the field. The river had risen considerably overnight. The indicator gauge was virtually underwater this morning.

18012010779 The fields between the river and canal are now underwater.

18012010786 18012010787Lyra is confused by all the water as she’s got really used to being able to play in the fields that are now underwater.

18012010789The weather forecast seems to be for more snow on Wednesday, or perhaps rain, depending on which one you look at, but at least the temperature is meant to stay above freezing so hopefully the ice will continue to thin and it will be possible to move on soon.

As places to get iced in go, this is quite a pleasant one and did have plenty of places to walk Lyra, but I’m getting

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